Hunters’ Tavern Easton restaurants

Decanter Room

The Decanter Room features a large wooden table, extensive wine storage, dome ceiling and elegant chandelier. This private dining room is perfect for an intimate group lunch or dinner.

  • Welcome to the enchanting Decanter Room, an exquisite private dining space located at Hunter’s Tavern in Easton, Maryland’s charming Tidewater Inn. Radiating elegance and charm, it is here that special moments come to life, friendships are celebrated, and memories are made.

    Designed to accommodate up to 26 guests, The Decanter Room offers the perfect setting for intimate group lunches or dinners. Whether you’re celebrating a special birthday, a reunion with cherished friends, or any other milestone moment, you can expect this private dining experience to far exceed your expectations.

    Allow our friendly, dedicated staff to take care of every detail, ensuring that your special occasion is flawlessly executed, leaving you free to embrace the moment and create cherished memories.

    Learn more about hosting your next private dining experience at the Decanter Room, where fine dining and unforgettable moments seamlessly intertwine.

    *To ensure an exceptional dining experience, parties of 18 or more are treated to a limited menu specially curated by our expert culinary team.

Hunters’ Tavern Easton restaurants
Hunters’ Tavern Easton restaurants